Shawn Maldon, a business developer and community activist, is originally from Troy, Alabama. From an early age, Shawn has been an active member of whatever community he found himself. At 11 years old, he founded the American Red Cross Youth Advisory Board (ARCYAB) in his hometown. The mission of the organization was to work with The American Red Cross whenever a disaster would strike. Additionally, ARCYAB sought to recruit young people throughout the city to get involved in helping those in need. Shawn was also an officer in 4H, competed and won many statewide competitions. As a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Shawn attained the highest rank of Eagle Scout, holding many leadership roles along the way. The role he is most proud to have held is that of Chaplain. He has continued to be involved with the community and active in Church as the Youth Sunday School Superintendent.

To date, Shawn has always kept his drive to be a builder, an innovator, and a developer. He attended Howard University in Washington, DC. Class of 2008, Shawn graduated with a degree in Political Science and a degree in Spanish. He is a nationally certified interpreter and founded a successful interpreting business, Maldon Language Interpreters, LLC which employs several interpreters from inside and outside of Capitol Heights. Maldon Language Interpreters, LLC, is one of the few black-owned interpreting agencies in the country holding several Federal Government contracts, locally and nationally, while being on the Federal Government’s GSA Schedule.

While a student at Howard University, Shawn walked down to the Subway on Georgia Avenue and offered to “get the grout between the tiles back white”. The Subway manager gave him a try. Though he was not able to get the grout back white (because the grout was never white to begin with), the manager liked Shawn’s effort and this became his first independent cleaning contract. Today, Shawn oversees a successful cleaning business which provides an honorable living for several residents some of which are residents of Capitol Heights, Maldon’s Cleaning Services, LLC.

Shawn earned a Masters of Education degree from Northeastern University in Boston. He lives in the London Woods subdivision and is proudly a certified foster parent, a friend to many, and an admired employer and respected businessman.

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