Building ONE Capitol Heights
For Everyone:

For Homeowners, For Entrepreneurs, For Youth, For Senior Citizens, and For Families


In general, the largest and most important investment that someone can make is the purchase of a home. Not only is it an individual investment, you are also investing into the community where you settle. As Mayor, I will strongly encourage homeownership within our beautiful town. Support for homeowners will be a priority under my administration. Instead of taking a salary, for the first year of my term, I am redirecting half of my pay towards the creation of an endowment fund for homeowners. This money will be accessible to homeowners within the Town of Capitol Heights. No credit check, no long extensive application process. Instead, depending on 1) need and 2) your involvement within The Town, residents will be able to easily access funds to make home improvements. All too often, residents have gotten penalized and fined for various code enforcement violations. The Town created the Neighborhood Services department in 2009 to meet the needs of the community in terms of beautification, maintenance and upkeep. To some regard, our enforcement department needs to be strengthened. We have to address the dilapidated homes and unkept parts of our Town. However, we also need to provide some sort of relief and support to our residents. I realize that times can be hard.

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